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Making Dreams Come True

With experience in the food and beverage industry starting at the age of 16,  I apprenticed under one of the most skilled and creative minds in the business at that time. I cut my teeth in a very busy resort environment learning all aspects of the industry, hands-on. By the time I was 24, I owned my first restaurant in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Through the years I have developed, sold, and been successful at different types of full-service restaurants. Currently, I have four restaurants, one craft cocktail bar and two wedding venues. My daughter, Ricki Kim, and son, Reece, each manage my businesses, respectively. My children have inherited my love of the food and beverage industry, and it seems my creativity and drive. I am very proud of each of them and what we have accomplished together.

When I am not planning an exquisite wedding or overseeing my restaurants, I love to sit by the water and play fetch with my sweet dog, Ace. He goes everywhere with me. I believe I invented the term "foodie". My love for food goes beyond my own restaurants. I love to dine out with my family and experience other culinary artists.  

Karen Hineman

CEO & Culinary Expert

Turning a Vision into Reality

I’m Hannah, the owner of  Sip & Celebrate, Wedding Planning, and Design. For as long as I can remember, I have had a burning passion for creating and planning. Growing up my mom always encouraged me to be creative. She would let me paint on the door to my bedroom like a blank canvas! 


Since beginning my journey with weddings in the floral industry over 14 years ago, I have developed a greater understanding of what is required to design a beautiful wedding. Transitioning to food + beverage services, I learned what it took to provide impeccable guest and client-oriented service. The logical next step for me was to create Sip + Celebrate, where I now apply all of my experiences to create wedding magic!


I am honored that Sip and Celebrate is the exclusive wedding planning specialist for Sewickley Quarter! With my extensive planning experience and design expertise, I will create unique and custom weddings for all of the couples hosting their big day with Sewickley Quarter!

Hannah Di Cicco

Wedding & Special Event Director

TheLoveliest - LowResolution-282_edited.jpg

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Hey I’m Reece! I am the GM of our dining concepts at The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar, Nauti Taco, and The Sidecar, in Sewickley. I have been exposed to the restaurant industry for as long as I can remember. In 2010, I began my work in the restaurant business and consider myself a jack of all trades. I take pride in being able to hold any position at our restaurants when needed. From sushi chef, to bartender, to manager, I got you! I enjoy thinking on my feet and going with the flow. My expertise includes culinary executions with an emphasis on flavor profiles & presentation, skilled mixology with timeless & inventive libations, and creating & maintaining a desired atmosphere at an event. 


Not only do I have a passion for food and cocktails at our establishments, but also I frequently visit other bars and restaurants for inspiration. I simply love the nature of the industry. When working with me, my goal is to point you in the right direction by presenting you with custom, creative, and functional dishes & cocktail ideas that are sure to be admired by all of your guests at the Sewickley Quarter! 

Reece Ducan

Head Chef 

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